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  • Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association
  • InternetNZ

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Estimating the economic benefits of mobile broadband

On behalf of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) we examined the role of the 2.5GHz spectrum band in the future deployment of mobile services in Australia. Our study encompassed both technology and market trends for mobile broadband services. We found that the economic benefits of mobile broadband will only be realised if there is sufficient spectrum capacity to meet the projected future demand.

Options for a national high-speed broadband network in New Zealand

A study for InternetNZ, in which we investigated options for a New Zealand Broadband Infrastructure to provide high-speed broadband access to 75% of the population. First we assessed models utilised by overseas jurisdictions to assist with planning broadband network rollout, to determine which might be appropriate for use in New Zealand. We then developed high-level business cases for the two most appropriate models identified: public-private partnership and utility business expansion.