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our strategic focus

We have a proven track-record for providing sound advice and assisting the telecoms industry in responding to key questions.

business planning and development

  • How do we evaluate systematically a range of new services and opportunities?
  • What is the extent of potential value added that may be extracted from new services and applications based on data, broadband, and the Internet?

investment strategy

  • Which technology will maximise the long-term value of the company, and what will be the more immediate impact (e.g. on cash flow)?
  • How should the network be extended to cope with new capacity requirements?

competitive strategy

  • How much revenue would be generated if we could win back key customers, and who should we target?
  • What market share can we expect to obtain with current strategies and are there higher revenue alternatives?

regulatory issues

  • How do we gain the most favourable access and interconnection terms?
  • What is the relationship between our costs and tariffs?
  • What are the implications of universal service policy?
  • What quantitative information should we have available to support regulatory submissions to Government?

marketing strategy

  • What is the size of the potential market and are we targeting the highest-value segments?
  • What international opportunities exist for our services?

product strategy

  • How should we position a new product relative to existing products and what will be the impact on total revenue and profitability?
  • What pricing strategy would maximise revenue and profitability?

mobile strategy

  • What business opportunities will next generation mobile bring?
  • Which technology is best suited to which market?

financial issues

  • Can various market and economic scenarios be incorporated in a financial model to illustrate the robustness of the company under different assumptions?
  • What are the overall financial implications for particular market and investment strategies?


  • How does the company’s performance (operations/market share/financials) rate compared to others?
  • What strategies are being pursued in other countries?

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