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Why is New Zealand doing so badly in the OECD broadband penetration rankings?

January 25, 2006

So Telecom New Zealand thinks that New Zealand’s lowly position (22 out of 30 countries) in the June 2005 OECD broadband penetration rankings is due to the existence of free local calling? “Free” local calling exists in Canada and the United States but it has not hindered broadband uptake there. More neutral parties including the New Zealand Communications Minister, the OECD and the president of InternetNZ agree that the real reason for New Zealand’s position in the ranking is high prices.


Regulation in a convergent future: numbering and number portability

December 19, 2005

Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) raises a number of important questions for regulators with respect to both numbering plans and number portability. The fundamental issue is that the market will not work effectively if consumers in a converged world are not able to move seamlessly from one service provider to another.