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Benchmarking & international comparisons

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Benchmarking is a valuable tool for government, regulators and operators. Whether it is setting interconnect tariffs, assessing how operator performance compares with best practice or identifying requirements for future policies, there are common challenges in any benchmark analysis:

  • selecting the benchmark sample
  • gathering data
  • adjusting benchmark data for local conditions.

With our comprehensive data resources and extensive experience in statistical analysis, we have undertaken many benchmarking studies for clients seeking robust international and company comparisons.

The divide between urban and rural telecoms services

Network Strategies conducted an international benchmarking study of telecommunications services for the Productivity Commission of Australia as part of a programme of research into the performance of Australia’s economic infrastructure industries. We compared the accessibility, quality and price of a range of telecommunications services (PSTN, mobile and broadband) provided in remote and rural areas with those provided in urban areas, in Australia and in a number of countries or regions (including Canada, the US, Finland, France and the UK).

Benchmark assessment of operator performance

We compared the operating performance and costs of a major Asian operator against other operators in Asia, Europe and the United States. Using historical data, we showed how performance has altered over time in response to a large number of factors, including tariff rebalancing, competition and the degree of regulation. A number of strategic recommendations were made to improve revenue and profitability and to assist the operator in its review of tariffs and tariff rebalancing proposals.

International comparison of broadband services

We undertook a detailed international benchmark study of DSL and cable modem Internet access services for a major Asia-Pacific operator, concentrating on price and bandwidth of service offerings from incumbent operators. Our results enabled the client to assess its own service portfolio against those of other operators.

Developing benchmark estimates of interconnection rates

A major international mobile operator commissioned Network Strategies to produce estimated benchmark values of interconnection rates for a particular Asia-Pacific country. We developed a statistical model which used data from jurisdictions that apply LRIC standards and also normalised for cross-country differences. The resultant estimates indicated the range of likely interconnect prices for the country in question based on “best practice” prices in other jurisdictions. The objective of the project was to assist the operator in negotiations with the regulator.

Benchmarking of wholesale PPC services

For an Asia-Pacific new entrant operator we compared the costs and technical specifications of Partial Private Circuit (PPC) wholesale services offered by the incumbent with those of operators in other countries and in various US states. The results were used in commercial negotiations between the entrant and the incumbent.


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