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Commercial strategy

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Technology developments and market liberalisation offer new opportunities for companies seeking new revenue streams or entering new markets. Development of sound commercial strategies requires extensive knowledge, industry expertise and rigorous – but pragmatic – analytical tools. Network Strategies’ experienced team works closely with our clients, assisting them in the complex task of decision-making for a dynamic telecoms environment.

Current practice areas include:

  • next generation networks
  • fixed-mobile convergence
  • fixed and wireless broadband
  • content services
  • pricing strategies.

Next generation network business model

On behalf of an Asia-Pacific operator, we developed a strategy report covering the new business IP model, value creation from existing network functionality, and strategies for broadband and VoIP. A key component of this work was an international review of broadband and IP strategies of incumbent fixed-line operators including their positioning of VoIP and business and residential broadband-enabled services.

Commercial opportunities with the introduction of local loop unbundling

We developed a forward-looking business model for an operator considering strategic options in relation to the local loop unbundling (LLU). A number of important trends in the structure and costs of DSL equipment and systems were taken into account including: rapid reductions in the per-port costs of DSLAMs and CPE; advent of mini, remote and subtended DSLAMs; and the extended service and revenue capability through ADSL2+ and other advanced forms of DSL technologies. The results enabled the client to determine the optimal strategy for service roll-out across a range of different areas.

Trends in fixed-mobile convergence

For a global manufacturer, we assessed the status of fixed-mobile convergence in one of its key Asia-Pacific markets. We examined the factors driving convergence and reviewed trends in European markets, identifying the hurdles and accelerators that influence substitution and analysing the potential impact of convergence on mobile traffic.

Expert review of commercial plans

We assessed a new mobile entrant’s business plan and proposed agreements with other operators as well as advising on spectrum valuation. We made a number of recommendations for key areas of the agreements, particularly with regards to reciprocality and dispute resolution procedures. With regard to the business plan, we suggested various improvements to the assumptions and methodology in order to ensure acceptability to board-level management and robustness for future planning.

Advising on ISP business structure

Network Strategies examined the arguments for and against an incumbent telecoms operator conducting its Internet access business at “arms length” or as a fully integrated part of the main company. We reviewed the market structure and strategies of leading operators in six countries around the world, and gave an analysis of trends in the Internet market over the next five years.

Pricing strategies for wholesale services

We developed a business impact model to estimate the effect of various business strategies for wholesale products of an incumbent Asia-Pacific operator. The model encompassed a wide range of key wholesale and retail services, allowing the operator to explore different pricing principles, margins and costs for wholesale products, and the subsequent financial effect on both the wholesale and retail business units.

Assessing the potential returns for 3G mobile services

We evaluated the size and value of the 3G mobile market opportunity in a European country for an incumbent network operator. Based on projected expenditure across various categories by market segment, our model determined the potential revenues addressable by organisations providing connectivity and value added services.


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