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ICT & economic development

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Access to affordable telecoms services is a key enabler for economic development. New market models that address both demand and supply issues provide increased opportunities for the implementation of services in areas with limited infrastructure or where infrastructure is constrained by high costs.

Through our participation in numerous initiatives to encourage telecoms development in rural and remote areas and in developing nations, we have close knowledge of the issues facing governments and operators as they design and implement strategies aimed at providing consumer benefit and encouraging economic growth.

International satellite bandwidth in the Pacific region

We conducted a detailed examination of the satellite market for international bandwidth within the Pacific region for the Australian Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. The growth in Internet demand throughout Pacific Island nations is one of the key drivers for capacity on international satellite links – our study investigated both demand and supply side issues in this geographically remote region. Satellite is currently the only option for international connectivity for many Pacific island nations, but it is very expensive for countries with limited resources. Our results are being used for policy development.

Encouraging the rollout of telecoms infrastructure in rural Sri Lanka

The Government of Sri Lanka introduced a subsidy scheme to encourage the rollout of fixed and mobile telecoms infrastructure in rural areas. As part of a World Bank-funded project, we defined measures of connectivity to assess operator performance, and a multi-year payment formula to distribute subsidy payments.

A diagnostic review of the telecoms sector in Vanuatu

For the Vanuatu Government, we undertook a diagnostic review of the telecoms regulatory framework and produced a detailed work plan for the implementation of new regulatory rules and institutional arrangements. This review involved considering public service obligations, technical standards, tariffs, interconnection, competition and market structure issues, including existing laws, regulations and procedures.

Development of a telecoms strategy for the NT Government

On behalf of the Northern Territory Government, we reviewed the existing telecoms services and infrastructure, and identified potential sources of funding available to assist in the development of telecoms and e-business initiatives. After extensive consultation with all sectors of the community, business and Government, we developed a detailed action plan focusing on the future development of telecoms (including mobile, satellite and data services) in one of the most remote and sparsely populated regions of Australia.


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