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ICT policy & strategy

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Convergence is blurring the boundaries between IT, telecoms and broadcasting. To ensure that the full potential for each of these sectors can be realised, it is essential to have a co-ordinated approach to policy development and strategy formulation, encompassing infrastructure, content, applications and social issues.

Future of the Internet: economic and commercial developments

As part of the Australian Government’s project on the future of the Internet, we were commissioned to research economic and commercial developments of Internet-based communication, including new business models and distribution structures. The study was both evidence-based and forward-looking with the objective of informing policy development in a number of related economic areas, including infrastructure, growth, research productivity and social wellbeing. We investigated factors that may assist or impede realisation of potential benefits from the Internet’s development, including spam, security and fraud, and content issues. As our study looked forward over a ten-year time horizon we consulted widely with Australian and international Internet and ICT experts in order to gather a range of views regarding prospects for future Internet directions and applications. Our analysis devised three main scenarios for potential future directions of the Internet and we proposed policy recommendations associated with each scenario.

Policy issues for mobile content

For the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA), we investigated the potential impact that new mobile telecommunications technologies, including third generation mobiles, may have on the delivery of traditional and new forms of audiovisual content in the Australian market. Our analysis included a detailed value chain analysis, as well as exploring key concerns such as content regulation, access control and privacy. The objective of this research was to provide information to assist Government regulatory and policy bodies (ABA, ACA and DCITA) in policy development.

Future outcomes for broadband policy scenarios

For the Ministry of Economic Development, we analysed the current and likely future gap between the performance of New Zealand and the top quartile of the OECD in terms of broadband take-up and service provision. We examined the current gap and the underlying reasons, and presented broadband scenarios for 2010, including analysis and forecasts.


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