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The world of wireless communications continues to develop at breakneck speed. From advice on spectrum management and licensing to spectrum valuation to wireless technologies, Network Strategies has the experience to assist you with your wireless needs.

Spectrum management and licensing

We advise regulators on the management of spectrum, including international usage and trends in spectrum allocation, and the assignment of spectrum to new applications. We advise legislators on the development of laws and regulations.

We support regulators in issuing spectrum licences by advising on the optimal method of allocation to achieve desired objectives – such as by tender or auction – and assisting in determining the terms and conditions of the licences.

Spectrum valuation

Regulators often need to estimate a market value of spectrum to encourage operators in achieving the most efficient use out of spectrum, and to obtain a fair return. We assist regulators and operators in estimating the market value of spectrum using a variety of techniques such as benchmarking and techno-economic modelling.

An essential tool for our spectrum price benchmarking is the Network Strategies spectrum database.

Wireless technologies

We understand current and forthcoming wireless technologies and their radiofrequency spectrum requirements. We use this knowledge to advise clients on the most suitable wireless technologies for different applications, to lower costs and to improve services.

Spectrum management

We provided advice to to the Vanuatu Government on technical aspects of implementing a new spectrum management regime as part of a reformed regulatory framework.

Our value: Legislation skills and experience that the government was unable to provide

Drafting regulations

As part of a World Bank project, we reviewed a draft Telecommunications Act for a Pacific Island country, and drafted appropriate regulations for key areas, including spectrum management and interconnection, based on an in-country review and international best practice.

Our value: Knowledge of international best practice that was not available in the country

Evaluating licensing approaches

We assessed the economic costs and benefits of alternative methods for the selection of third generation licensees, including various forms of auction. This included an assessment of the market value of the 3G licences to the operators, the impact of licence costs on future pricing of wholesale and retail services and the impact of 3G pricing on consumer spending and economic welfare.

Our value: Understanding of different licensing methodologies and the relative merits of each

Valuing spectrum renewal rights

In a study for the New Zealand spectrum management agency we calculated the offer price for the renewal of spectrum management rights for cellular frequency bands using the incremental Optimal Deprival Value (ODV) methodology and benchmarking. Download our report >>

Our value: Expert cost modelling skills and knowledge on mobile network business and mobile technology

Spectrum usage assessment

We calculated the optimal amount of spectrum required by mobile operators over the next twenty years on behalf of the New Zealand spectrum management agency. While operators generally prefer more spectrum, there is a trade-off with the cost of the spectrum and the needs of other operators. Download our report >>

Our value: In-depth knowledge of future market and mobile technology developments

Reviewing spectrum valuation methodology

On behalf of an Asia-Pacific regulator, we conducted a peer review of the methodology used in its economic model for spectrum valuation. The model was based on an opportunity cost approach, with the aim of setting prices for administratively allocated spectrum in the 2.5GHz band.

Our value: Analysis and peer-review skills, mobile technology developments and operator deployment strategies

Commercial valuation of spectrum

For a new national operator, we estimated the value of mobile spectrum based on an analysis of its business plan. The value was used to verify the asset value of the spectrum.

Our value: Critical reviewing and the ability to apply financial forecasts to determine spectrum value

Wireless technologies

For the Australian Government we analysed the extent to which wireless technologies could be used to provide additional service choices in rural areas, such as high speed and/or interactive data, broadcasting and mobile services. We also provided a review of current and likely future global trends in the delivery of telecommunications services to remote areas.

Our value: Knowledge of wireless technologies including their design and performance characteristics and cost structures


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