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In the rapidly evolving telecoms environment, all players must be prepared for the challenges brought by constant change. Our consultants offer an expert perspective on the issues that confront the telecoms industry.

5G and radiation regulations: do we need to raise the bar?

October 30, 2020

Concerns about exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) originating from mobile base stations are not new. What is the situation on EMF emissions for 5G? We find that imposing stricter exposure limits may actually result in increased environmental and health risks.


5G spectrum landscape in South America

August 18, 2020

As 5G networks are being deployed around the world, spectrum has moved to centre stage as one of the key resources enabling the take-up of this new technology. The success of 5G is highly dependent on availability of spectrum, therefore government and regulator planning in this matter is instrumental. In South America consultations for 5G spectrum allocation are already underway and some countries are planning to auction 5G spectrum in 2020-2021.


Espectro 5G – panorama en Sudamérica

August 18, 2020

A medida que las redes 5G proliferan alrededor del mundo, el espectro se ha trasladado al centro de la escena como uno de los recursos clave que permite el despliegue de esta nueva tecnología. El éxito del 5G depende en gran medida de la disponibilidad de espectro por lo tanto, la planificación de gobiernos y reguladores en esta materia es de suma importancia. En Sudamérica ya se han realizado consulta públicas para la asignación de espectro 5G y algunos países están planeando subastar espectro durante el 2020-2021.


5G: what will it cost?

May 28, 2020

5G is promising to improve user experience and promote the development of innovative services and new economic opportunities. The technical advantages of 5G in comparison to previous mobile standards are well understood, but how will the new features translate into economic gains for operators?


Digitising higher education: challenges for low income countries

May 1, 2020

The impact of ICT and Internet access on the education sector in the last 20 years has been enormous. For students, broadband Internet access offers opportunities to improve personal circumstances, including better access to learning materials, software tools, distance learning and job markets.


5G: regulatory impact of network slicing and densification

February 18, 2020

With the advent of 5G the impact of new mobile technologies on market structure and regulation may be far reaching. Unlike past mobile generations, which were mainly intended for everyday consumer voice and data communications, 5G is designed to accommodate a wider range of applications with varying functional and performance requirements.


5G – a game changer for the telecommunications business

November 14, 2019

The next generation of mobile network technology is around the corner and it will not only bring improvements for mobile services, it is also promising to be an enabler for developing innovative services across different sectors and industries, many of which have never been part of the telecommunications landscape. Operators and vendors around the world are already developing new services based on 5G technology and business cases are rapidly evolving.


The prospects of mmWave 5G fixed wireless access

October 3, 2019

To date wireless and wireline services have been two workhorses for different user requirements, with the first offering mobility and flexibility while the second offers dedicated speed and reliability. As 5G emerges promising fibre-like speeds, many service providers are exploring the potential of 5G fixed wireless access (5G-FWA) as means of delivering ultrafast broadband.


The business landscape of IoT

February 18, 2019

While the potential of IoT has been demonstrated in many fields, the adoption of IoT solutions still lags the forecasts made by IoT enthusiasts at the start of the hype. For many businesses, the IoT landscape still appears to be too fragmented, with the overwhelming number of technologies, standards and platforms contributing to this perception.