Donor agencies

Our clients

  • Asian Development Bank
  • AusAID (Australia)
  • NZAid (New Zealand)
  • The World Bank

We have a deep understanding of the development potential of ICT technologies and services. We identify innovative solutions to achieve value for money with limited resources.

Developing a feasibility study for an international submarine cable for the Cook Islands

Following detailed consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, we developed a financial model of a potential business case for a submarine cable venture to deliver international connectivity to the Cook Islands. This socio-economic feasibility study, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), examined several different route options, and compared the costs against those of a solution using the O3b satellite system.

Devising a subsidy mechanism for improving rural connectivity in Sri Lanka

We developed a mechanism for awarding subsidy payments to operators for increases in fixed and mobile rural connectivity in Sri Lanka. We defined measures of connectivity to assess operator performance, and a multi-year payment formula to distribute funds collected through a Government levy designed to encourage the development of rural infrastructure.