Market analysis

We have a wealth of expertise in the development of innovative methodologies for analysing market data, at both the macroeconomic and microeconomic level, encompassing demand forecasting, pricing analysis, consumer spending and cost-benefit analysis.

  • Benchmarking pricing and performance
  • Demand forecasting
  • Commercial pricing strategies
  • ICT indicators for regulators & policymakers

Market modelling for regional fibre

We developed a market model of the likely penetration and uptake profile by residential and business customers of a new regional fibre deployment. Our model encompassed a set of different competitive scenarios, and we identified key marketing strategies to secure the forecast uptake profile.

ICT market survey

We conducted a regional survey in order to assess service pricing, quality and availability, and the level of competition and ICT readiness in Pacific island national markets.

Affordability analysis

For a Pacific Islands operator’s tariff review, we compared the price and affordability of retail telecommunications services across selected countries in the region.

Demand forecasting for mobile satellite services

We creating a judgmental forecasting framework to develop demand forecasts for mobile satellite services across a range of disparate markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

ICT indicators

On behalf of a telecoms regulator, we developed a telecoms indicator database to capture operator, national and regional market intelligence data.