Policy advice

We are experts in the development of policy, strategy and action plans for network industries. Our deep involvement with broadband and Internet policy development spans many continents and years.

  • Telecommunications policies, legislation & regulations
  • Digital strategies
  • Copyright issues
  • Management of scarce resources
  • Best practice regulatory approaches

Internet-enabled business models

As part of the Australian Government project on the future of the Internet, we investigated economic and commercial developments enabled by Internet-based communication, including new business models and distribution structures.

Framework for exploring strategic issues

We created a strategic issues framework for a Government Communications Ministry to increase its capacity to identify and analyse emerging issues and trends in the communications sector.

Digital copyright policy

We analysed stakeholder submissions for a Government review of the effectiveness of digital copyright legislation and regulations, with our advice forming the basis of subsequent policy decisions by Government on the future of the existing regulations.

Options for regulatory pricing

For Vodafone New Zealand we reviewed a Government telecommunications regulatory options paper for the future pricing of wholesale copper and ultra fast fibre broadband (UFB) fixed access products.

Digital strategy in the Pacific

On behalf of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat we assessed the impact on ICT in the region of its Digital Strategy. We developed recommendations for a revised Digital Strategy (DSII) that addressed identified gaps and emerging needs.

Telecoms sector policy in Kiribati

We assisted the World Bank in developing and implementing a forward-looking telecoms sector policy, legal and regulatory framework, and action plan to increase telecoms coverage and access in Kiribati.